Cinch-Lock Technology

Introducing Juice Performance, a new line of booster cables that incorporate Cinch-Lock™ Technology to make jump-starting your vehicle safer and easier. Instead of having a spring loaded clamp that has a limited bite strength our clamps ratchet, or “Cinch” down as tight as needed to any battery terminal. These Cinch-Lock™ clamps also come equipped with a quick release button for easy removal. Juice Performance has also added the SafeGuard™ booster cable set which automatically detects the polarity of a battery terminal, meaning you can attach any clamp to any post without risk of crossing the electrical polarity.


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Booster Cables

Booster Cables

have an on-board computer that automatically detect polarity

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Ultimate Power

Ultimate Power Booster Cables

Booster Cables

Patent Pending Cinch-Lock™ clamps use a ratcheting mechanism that secures tightly to a battery terminal

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