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Expect More From Booster Cables™

In a category that has not seen a major change in the last 20 years, Hopkins has brought that needed innovation with our patent pending Cinch-Lock™ Technology clamps. Cinch-Lock clamps use a ratcheting mechanism that secures it tightly to the battery terminal in an effortless and safe manner eliminating the problem of current clamps accidentally slipping off and getting tangled in a fan belt or damaging your vehicle. Our clamps are 3x easier to open/close, 2.5x more secure and are up to 25% more powerful than competitors clamps. Findings are based on Hopkins engineering and lab testing.



Hopkins not only brought innovation to the booster cable clamp, but to the packaging as well. Our packaging strategy uses a color scheme to denote product performance levels and our shadow boxes affectively show the Cinch-Lock innovation and allow the consumer to test the clamps. An over-size storage bag is standard with all cables and a bonus terminal cleaning brush come with cables of 6 gauge or larger.



Hopkins also acknowledged that the Opening Price Point booster cable is still the highest moving set in the market place and has created an OPP clamp that also out performs the competition.


Juice Performance took it one step further to make jumping your vehicle safer and easier by adding SafeGuard™ booster cables. SafeGuard booster cables are an auto-polarity set of cables that feature a built in brain that automatically detects which clamps are connected to the positive posts and which clamps are connected to the negative posts. There is no need to be concerned if you are connecting the correct clamps to the correct terminals. SafeGuard booster cables are also equipped with Cinch-Lock clamps to make this set of booster cables the safest and easiest to use of any set in the market.



Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation, founded in 1953, has a history of developing innovative products that provide profitable sales opportunities for aftermarket retailers and distributors. Founded with the invention of the first mechanical headlamp aimer, the company has developed a variety of innovative products including the first quality ice scraper, first Plug-In Simple!™ Trailer wiring system, and the first console with locking drink holders. Today, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation manufactures and markets a variety of leading product lines, including SubZero® snow and ice tools, Hopkins Towing Solutions™ towing products, BrakeBuddy® supplemental braking system, RV camping levels, GoGear™ consoles and storage devices, FloTool® fluid handling funnels and spouts, nVision™ auto safety products and Juice Performance™ booster cables.

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