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Standard Power™

High Power™

Ultra Power™

Ultimate Power™


Length and Wire Gauge

12 Feet / 10 Gauge

14 Feet / 8 Gauge

16 Feet / 6 gauge

20 Feet / 4 gauge

16 Feet / 6 gauge

Power Rating


55% More

150% More

300% More

150% More

Ideal Size of Vehicle

Small Car

Mid-Size Car
Small Truck / SUV

Large Car
Mid-Size Truck / SUV

Large Truck / SUV

All Sizes of Vehicles

Clamp Style

Spring Loaded

Cinch-Lock™ Technology

Cinch-Lock™ Technology

Cinch-Lock™ Technology

Cinch-Lock™ Technology

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Juice Booster Cables

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  Part# Product
SafeGuard™ BC0880


SafeGuard Technology for worry free hook-up. Ideal for all sizes of vehicles.

Ultimate Power BC0860

Ultimate Power

Ideal for large trucks/suvs

Ultra Power BC0840

Ultra Power

Ideal for large cars and mid-size trucks/suvs

High Power BC0820

High Power

Ideal for mid-size cars and small trucks/suvs

Standard Power BC0800

Standard Power

Our standard booster cables. These should go into every smaller vehicle. Ideal for small cars

Cinch-Lock™ Technology

Unmatched ease of use and clamping security

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