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Cinch-Lock™ Technology

Whether it’s your vehicle or you are being the good samaritan, jump starting a battery is never a pleasant task. The most difficult and potentially dangerous part of the job is securely attaching the booster cable clamps to the battery posts.

Simple, Safe and Ultra Secure

Our patent pending Cinch-Lock technology clamps use a ratcheting, or “Cinch-Lock” mechanism that secures the clamp tightly to the battery terminal in an effortless and safe manner. Cinch-Lock eliminates the problem of current clamps accidentally slipping off and getting tangled in a fan belt or damaging your vehicle. Our Cinch-Lock clamps also come equipped with a quick-release button for easy removal and are engineered for a perfect fit on all types of battery posts.

Hopkins’ new patent pending Cinch-Lock™ Technology delivers unmatched ease of use and clamping security.

Cinch-Lock™ clamps are 400% easier to open and close and provide 300% more clamping force, making a secure attachment both effortless and safe.

To achieve a successful jump start it’s important to maximize the amps traveling through to the dead battery. Juice™ booster cables deliver up to 25% more amps than the competition.

Juice booster cables include a full line of high quality cables, featuring Cinch-Lock™ clamps. Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to improve sales by moving customers up to a better performing product.

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